Pasta production lines

Lines for fresh pasta, dried, stuffed and gluten free

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Pasta production lines

Our range of pasta production machinery is very extensive. You make the request, we supply the solution. Fresh pasta, dry pasta, gluten-free pasta, NO PROBLEM.

  • We have designed and manufactured for over 60 years
  • Artisanal and industrial pasta factories
  • Training for new openings
  • Machinery for pasta productions from 10 to 300 kg/h
  • Testing and training for personalised solutions

Why rely on Pama Parsi Macchine?

Because we make it, we are directly responsible for what we sell.

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Ristorazione e Take Away

Piccole macchine per tutti i formati di pasta fresca. Soluzioni per Ristoranti, Alberghi, Catering, Pizzerie, Panifici, Agriturismo e piccoli pastifici.

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Pastifici artigianali

Macchine base per iniziare a produrre 30 kg/h di pasta fresca e pasta secca. Poco spazio per investimenti moderati e tanti formati di pasta.

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Pastifici professionali

Linea di macchine professionali con produzioni da 60 kg/h. Soluzioni per produrre pasta fresca pastorizzata o pasta secca per esportazioni in tutto il mondo.

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Grandi pastifici

Che sia pasta fresca, pasta secca o pasta senza glutine, con queste macchine da 120 kg/h potete soddisfare qualsiasi esigenza sul mercato.

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Pastifici industriali

Scoprite le nostre linee di produzione per tutti i tipi di pasta. Offriamo consulenza, sviluppo, fornitura e formazione post vendita in loco per il vostro pastificio da 300 kg/h.

We have been serving the pasta factory with tools and solutions for over 60 years!

So many professional skills at work to provide your creativity with a unique tool, designed and constructed to meet all of your most specific needs!

  • 3D design and development, needs and production processes customized
  • Complete pasta lines for heat treatment: pasteurization, pre–drying and cooling
  • Dry pasta lines: penne, macaroni, spaghetti, paccheri, long tubular fusilli, conchiglioni, ziti and many other shapes are currently produced using our pasta lines.
  • Fresh pasta lines production of ready to eat lasagna and cannelloni: The production of fresh pasta is a process that many consider well-consolidated and fully-developed.
  • Lines for Gluten-free Dry Pasta Is it possible to make good dry pasta without durum wheat semolina? Of course it is!
  • Lines for Gluten-free Fresh Pasta:Ravioli, tagliatelle, fresh and gluten-free orecchiette? Why deprive consumers with gluten intolerance from enjoying our traditional pasta dishes?

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