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Pasta lines design and manufacturers of machine equipments for pasta factory


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Pasta machinery and lines

Our range of pasta machinery and lines is very extensive. You make the request, we supply the solution. Fresh pasta, dry pasta, gluten-free pasta, NO PROBLEM.

Why rely on Pama Parsi Macchine?

Because we make it, we are directly responsible for what we sell.

Pasta machinery and lines

Food services and Take Away

Small machines for all shapes of fresh pasta. Solutions for Restaurants, Hotels, Catering Services, Pizzerias, Bakeries, Agritourism and small pasta factories.

Pasta machinery and lines

Artisanal pasta factories

Basic machines to begin production of fresh and dry pasta at a production capacity of 30 kg/hour. Takes up little space, requires only a moderate investment and produces so many pasta shapes.

Pasta machinery and lines

Professional pasta factories

Pasta machinery and lines with a production capacity of 60 kg/hour. Solutions for producing fresh pasteurized pasta or dry pasta for export worldwide.

Pasta machinery and lines

Large pasta factories

Whether you are producing fresh, dry or gluten-free pasta, these machines with a 120 kg/hour will meet all your market's needs.

Pasta machinery and lines

Industrial pasta factories

Discover our Pasta machinery and lines for all types of pasta. We offer consulting, development, supply and on-site post-sale training for your 300 kg/hour capacity pasta factory.

What does it take to open a pasta factory?


We will consider your request and suggest you the best solution for your project.

We will take note of your requirements and convert them into a detailed quote for machines and equipment intended for the production of fresh, dried or gluten-free pasta.

Based on the layout of your premises, we will design the placement of machinery and pasta equipment. This will allow you to accomplish the work necessary for your pasta factory in collaboration with the company entrusted with this job.

We will deliver the equipment to your industrial pasta factory ourselves, by using our own transport means and specialised staff. For overseas shipments we entrust the goods to international transporters and couriers, which are leaders in the sector.

The machines will be tested by our technical staff, who will verify proper operation and supply all the necessary equipment, pasta machine and accessories.

Upon request, we can provide training sessions at your pasta factory with our Pasta Chefs. They will show you the proper operation and maintenance of the machines, as well as the recipes for preparing the doughs and stuffing. The training duration varies according to your needs.

If, after some time, your pasta factory needs some enhancements, we will collect your machines and overvalue them, in exchange for larger machines.

If you need assistance or spare parts, our technical engineers are always available. We ensure worldwide delivery of spare parts in 24-48 hours.

We have been serving the pasta factory with tools and solutions for over 60 years!

So many professional skills at work to provide your creativity with a unique tool that is designed and created to meet all of your most specific needs!

What kind of pasta would you like to make?

Discover our machines and equipment for all types of pasta and find the one that best reflects your ideas and projects. Our equipment can be found all over the world. This is the best assurance of its reliability and efficiency.

Pasta production lines


For the production of quality pasteurised pasta with a shelf-life up to 120 days.

Pasta production lines


Even those with gluten intolerance can enjoy good fresh pasta

Pasta production lines


There’s no secret to it, just a slow and low temperature drying process

Pasta production lines


Cappelletti, agnolotti, tortellini, cannelloni, pelmeni and ravioli

Pasta production lines


Training future pasta makers scattered around the world: This is our job!

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How does one open an pasta factory?

Submit your idea and we develop the project